Augmented Reality for Earthwave

Augmented Reality content created while with Flip Design.. for an eco brand called Earthwave

This is some of the early Augmented Reality content i was working on for ,using graphics from some of the tshirts i'd designed.. our original idea was that the AR code could be printed on a tshirt or postcard and given to children.. who could then unlock new content on the website.
later we ended up using the tech for our spreads in a children's magazine - Brainwave(Issue #02 and #03).
heres what that looks like
You can check this out right now at
Download and solve the quiz by coloring in the boxes with the right answers.. this gives you the AR marker for the website :)
once the webcam is up and running..
hold up the image/printout in front of the webcam in this case i opened it and filled it in on my tablet, coz there was no printer handy :)
And here you go.. 3d models of all 4 birds(answers from the quiz)
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