Formlabs Form One Plus 3d Model

What started out as a personal exercise ended up as a commissioned model..

A commercial project that started as a personal exercise/commission ..
The first model was recreated using images from the Formlabs press releases. Subsequently Formlabs saw it and comissioned me to do an official model(for online use) of their newer Form1 Plus.. for that they sent over a printer for me to lay my hands on. :)
For more info about the printer check out -
The Formlabs logo and the Form One printer are ©Formlabs 2012
This is the first model i created using images from all over the internet.
And this is the latest one.. done using an actual printer as refrence. 
The entire model was built in Blender.
Below are some of my models that I 3d printed during the project.
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