Glow Job 360

An immersive installation at Walkin Studios. The project was a collaboration between Designer Chaitanya Krishnan and Artist Renuka Rajiv

A panoramic shot of the physical space.. best viewed in 360 mode on a mobile device.
An immersive installation at Walkin Studios.
The project was a collaboration between Designer Chaitanya Krishnan and Artist Renuka Rajiv
If possible load this video in your phone's youtube player for the 360 experience.
When we started working, we were more interested in exploring the physical media/material and its interaction with UV light. We started working with the science fiction ideas of alternate reality, twisted physics and some vague underwater environment ideas.
As the more concrete theme was introduced  “Privacy to Piracy” we started to see certain eerie ideas forming in the dark recesses of our minds:
The darkened room while seeming to be a scary idea at first.. is actually something we all subconsciously associate with greater privacy or intimacy.. ie: when we turn out the lights to sleep, make love, etc.
That said.. nowadays with the abundance of technology.. there's always a device switched on.. somewhere in the room.. and typically this device(laptop, mobile etc) will have a camera or microphone..
which is always watching and listening..
imagine this device projecting virtual bots and drones out to explore this space.. what do they see while we rest peacefully. Can they see our dreams, and nightmares? the things we do when we think we are unwatched .. in a dark room.
Factual notes: 
Hackers have successfully hacked laptop webcams.. and used them to stalk women.
The Xbox camera is actually always on .. and watching the room.. and microphone is always listening.. so is the microphone on the iphone and Speach enabled Android phones.
The white lines represent our memories.. and the black objects are topographical anomalies in the path of those memories.. some pleasant.. others not. Some of these memories are public.. others are more closetted(private.. twisted.. stuff we don't feel comfortable sharing. There was a time when people kept a record of the day's events in a journal or diary.. that was personal and only for their eyes. A shift has happened.. we now maintain public profiles on social media.. which is the anti-diary.
In a matter of a decade we now post these same things publicly. Not just sharing regular family/friend outings, events.. but also Allowing voyers peepshow access to our weirdest and kinkiest thoughts and actions.  

Factual note: Facebook is using this personal data we post to profile us, and target ads at us. They also "sell" access to their database.. so that other parties.. eg: political campaigners can manipulate the news items one sees in their timeline.
At most companies nowadays a "facebook/social check" is now a common human resources tool when recruiting new employees.

creatures made out of plastic bottles.
At first we painted the space black and added and removed lines with white paint.. 
Finally after weeks of experimenting we decided to use torn paper for the effect it brought to the space.
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