Kambha's Fundas - Segregate and Compost | Animated PSAs

This is a video series for a Bangalore-based company called 'Daily Dump: Compost at Home', that designs and builds solutions that enable everyone to help to keep the city clean. These films are fun, engaging and informative tools to encourage participation in this process.


An animated PSA for the Bangalore-based Company, Daily Dump - Compost at Home, on the importance of waste segregation. This is the first in a series.
Most people do not want to segregate the contents of their dustbin (waste), they think it is work. But actually, its just about working differently. And segregation is the first step to cleaning up our cities and recycling precious resources. 
So we created a mascot from their product 'Kambha', an organic-waste composter. And to get the message across, we scripted him as an angry and upset character, fed-up with people's indifference. 

Video Two: COMPOST

The second in this series, this video talks about the process of Composting, and how this product enables it and makes it easy.

After segregation, comes the step of composting your organic waste. And the company Daily Dump - Compost at Home, has developed a series of composters that make it very simple, and possible even with a busy schedule - no smell, no stirring, no maintenance!

In this video, Kambha is (reluctantly) made to apologise for his previous outburst and get back on track in getting the message across. Of course, true to character, he returns to his usual self at a crucial point, much to the exasperation of the people making the video.
Script and Storyboards
Aarthi developed the script. The challenge was incorporating the vast amount of data that the client wanted the videos to convey.. while maintaining the viewer's interest. Chaitanya developed the storyboard and look and feel while this was going on.
Characters and Visual Treatment
The client was shown a few options.. for the look and feel.. a 3d treatement was agreed upon. Initial designs had an overuse of 3d. We eventually evolved a style which was much whiter and included photo collage elements as well as traditional cell animatics for certain parts.
An option where we would shoot an actual actor interacting with the products.. and then rotoscope over them.
An early idea for a photo-collage treatment with cel animated eyes and arms.
close to what we finally used..
an early animation test.. note the overpowering background and the 3 sectioned kambha.. in the final videos, he has all 4 sections.
A variation of the background.. 
The final look. Using depth of field to make the character stand out.. while not letting the background overpower the composition.
the 2d cel animated style also seen in the videos.
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