Mech Ascension

A mech suit i designed and built a while back.. now got an upgrade.

A Mech suit i designed and built in Blender..
early blocked out composition.. rendered with cycles
refined model rendered with Blender internal.
cockpit detailed..
early render for the tshirt..
reworked composition.. added the blocks..
final render for the tshirt
vector glow elements with inkscape
my tshirt submission to threadless.. 
A case for my nexus 5.. printed via
A few months later, enabled some new camera effects.. one of these effects was the bloom effect. this gave me the idea to actually model the ascending pilot.. 
pilot added..
that glow is partly a material with maximum emission and the glow camera effect.. seen in realtime below.
click to load the model and drag to interact with it. scroll to zoom. middle button + drag to pan
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