The Alternative - Relaunch

The Client an e-zine, needed an announcement poster that would illustrate their new focus which is sustainable living.

Relaunch Image/Poster
For The Alternative E-zine
The client is an e-zine( that had undergone an overhaul. They were re-launching with a new focus on sustainable living ideas. The brief was to create an illustrated poster/image that would work on their website as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

After  exploring the usual stuff like car pooling, recycling vs reusing etc.. 

We decided it would be interesting to showcase not just these usual things, but also some of the non conventional sustainable solutions.. stuff the average person wouldn't have thought of.. like traditional board games.. exploring ones own city.. and DIY home improvement projects.  

below is the evolution of the design. The last image is what was used.. and adapted for other applications.
This was the final version i gave them.
It showcases 4 of the offbeat sustainable living ideas that they promote:

-Alternative Transport, 
-DIY & Re-use, 
-Traditional non technology dependent Gaming 
and finally 
-Travel and Exploration off the beaten path.. in spaces near you.
Its been used on their social media pages.
heres one way they've adapted it for use on their website..
a design for an e-invite to the launch
a design for an e-invite to the launch
Final E-Invite Design that was used.
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