Timezone 3D models

3d assets designed for a unique ui. has been used in the website and kiosk interface

Timezone 3D Models
3D elements for a website and kiosk interface
This project was done at Flip Design. The client selected a design option in which we showed 3d models of some of the games they have in their arcades. These would be a part of the website and kiosk UI itself.. Each arcade machine would be dedicated to a section of the website. Clicking a particular machine will make the camera fly around and zoom into the screen of that machine.. and the remaining UI and content would load up there.

After developing several working protos, we decided to go with something a lot simpler(less animated/dynamic).. still used the 3d renders though. Since the website and Kiosk were a team effort, i'll only be showcasing the 3d content i developed for it.

The website can be seen at timezonegames.co.in
(I also worked extensively on the entire UI of the website, kiosk app and facebook page.)

initial ideas for composition
color variations followed.. we finally decided to use actual textures from the real arcade games themselves
Final models and composition
initial mock up of the website
final layout for the website that will go online soon
this is the layout for the Kiosk's touch screen ui
The Kiosks and websites are now live. Above is a video from one of the launches. 
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