War Turtle

This was my entry for a World Of Warcraft themed diorama contest.

This was for a fan art contest based on the release of World of Warcraft “Legion”.

I started with the idea of doing a mini Wandering Isle (turtle with a forest/cabin on its shell)..
Got a lot of great inputs from the forum, the turtle in my sketch was looking too cute.. less legion.. so after looking at several refrences of the game, happened on the idea of making it a dead/skeletal part of a lair.. ie: an environment that grew around it
anyway looked at some refrences of turtle bones and skulls .. and finally started modelling this snapping turtle skull
some layout progress... actually starting to feel satisfied with it a bit.. now to WoW it up.. with glowy cracks and green/blue goop and flames..
Tried a simple crawl cycle animation with my turtle skeleton.. will not use it in the final project.. but was fun to do.

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